Cutting & Colouring Services

Prices from :-

Cutting Services OwnerDirector
Cut & Finish £49.00£45.00
Restyle & Finish  £59.00£55.00
Wet Cut £40.00£38.00
Blow Dry +Short/Medium Hair£32.00£30.00
 Long Hair£40.00£38.00
Gents Dry Cut £22.00£20.00
Gents Wet Cut & Finish £24.00£22.00

Colouring Services OwnerDirector
Highlights ~Full Head£85.00£85.00
 Half Head£75.00£75.00
Scattered Highlights(Max 12)£25.00£25.00
Toner £20.00£20.00
Tint ~Full Head, Short£50.00£50.00
 Full Head, Medium£59.00£59.00
 Full Head, Long£65.00£65.00
Semi-Permanent ~Short£42.00£42.00

Free consultations available – by appointment only
All clients must have a skin test at least 48 hours prior to a colour treatment
Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice or ‘no shows’ will be charged at full price